Beguiling and Mysterious

Scent of a Woman

Melissa Boys is a woman who adores luxurious scents; fragrant compositions that are bespoke and exquisitely beguiling.

In 2009, Melissa launched her first collection of sumptuous candles to great acclaim. In early 2017, her exotic range evolved into the Numbers Collection; ten eco-theme candles that drew inspiration from the seasons’ captivating scents.

Her sophisticated and beautiful fragrances did not stop there.

In November, 2017, Melissa launched the exclusive, Tosca Home; eight luxurious candles imbued with a hint of mystery and romance from the four corners of the world; the souks of ancient Arabia, the lush Tuscan and English gardens, the mythical Orient, the deep-blue waters and sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean to the vast, wooded forests of Scandinavia.

“The scent of a candle should always represent a place or time in your life — or at least, a place where you desire to be," says Melissa. “That’s why every fragrance is a personal journey and sensuous encounter to me."

Melissa created a range of handsome and harmonious scents for the living area, study, and library. She also unveiled bewitching perfumes for the boudoir and uplighting fragrances to soothe the soul.

In the same way, Melissa did not forget other public places — soft elegant scents ideally suited for events, wedding receptions, office boardrooms and retail spaces.

“Candles will always have a prominent place in any room," attests Melissa who complemented the scents with chic and contemporary jars and double-wicks. “I simply wanted each fragrance to ignite an aromatic rapture and evoke lingering memories."

The fragrant candles by Tosca Home and the Numbers Collection are proudly made in Australia, with each candle offering up to 60 hours of scented bliss.